Washington DC, USA: Video Producer, State of the Union - CNN

Job Vacancy: 
Video Producer, State of the Union - CNN

Washington DC, USA

The Video Producer is an integral member of a lean, tight-knit show staff.

This person will:
Help craft the look of the show, from writing and producing the show open to working with show producers to generate impactful visual material for live segments, packages, and teases.
Be proficient in screening media for the best visual elements as well as editorial sound bites.
Assist in research, compilation, production, and editing of pieces as well as handling the State of the Cartoonion segment.

The Video Producer runs tape out of the control room, works with editors on taped segments, and handles any changes for the show's later runs. He/she is also responsible for coordinating and ingesting video elements during breaking news.

The ideal candidate should be a self-starter with a love for politics who can generate ideas for guests, questions, and segments, and has the ability to handle an intense and stressful breaking news environment and turn elements around quickly and accurately in the control room.

Must be available to work on weekends (the show airs live on Sundays).

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